Brittany Henry Ministries here on referred to as BHM is so excited about how the LORD has been leading. There are a few tools we could use and a few ministries it’s in our heart to support.

When you donate funds to Brittany Henry Ministries those funds will be used for ministry tools, sharing the Gospel through music, paying staff persons to assist in serving the community, and aiding BibleSeed.

Please see the below list of organizations BHM has committed to praying for and supporting.

Please also consider donating money directly to these organizations who serve the Lord and the world with gladness.

  1. BibleSeed
  2. Fail-Safe Era
  3. Haven of Hope

Brittany Henry Ministry Needs

  1. Canopy Tent – For representing Christ at events
  2. Steet Amp – So people can hear us
  3. Cables – We always need these
  4. Travel Funds – Mission to the Nations
  5. Staff Persons
Brittany Henry featured in Calvary Chapel Magazine for her part in the Fredericksburg City Prayer Walks for justice in 2020.
Photo from feature in Calvary Chapel Magazine.